Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I just spent five weeks in California. Apart from the weather being spectacular, the things that struck me most (apart for the usual Theme Parks that is) ? The SUPERMARKETS!!!

What do I remember the most:-

- Polite staff. "Excuse me where can I find batteries?" "Right over here sir let me take you to the aisle" What, is this person hitting on me ?
- Helpful staff. "Would you like help with these packages to your car Sir?" Pardon?
- Involved Staff -"Let me check that those eggs for you, Sir?" Weird!!

And that is in the standard 'Ralphs' store....

When we get to Whole Foods it is a different story altogether. Fantastic ambience, great choices and an out of home pre-prepared meal section that would blow your mind!

What is preventing us form having the same shopper experience here in Australia? Well it is, to me, a mindset issue. In the US they know that you have a choice. And they make money from selling goods and data - not just selling space and providing a channel to manufacturers.

Anybody out there wanna start a Trader Joes? Somewhere between Aldi and Whole Foods? I reckon it is a serious space that is unoccupied....Hmmmm

Food for Thought!

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