Monday, October 20, 2008

ASB Presentation


Last night I made a presentation to the Masters Students at the Australian School of Business courtesy of Prof. John Roberts. As well as the very nice bottle of red that came my way at the end it was a pleasure to be able to share some of my thoughts and experiences with the class. They certainly looked like a bright bunch (and I remember how hard it was doing night lectures - only one young woman kept yawning through the whole thing!).

I hope that it was useful for the people in the class. If you would like a copy of the presnetation pleas email me and I will attempt to find a way to get it to you - it does not seem like I can simply upload it to this site - any ideas welcome! (what a luddite!).

Cheers for now!


Fernando de Mello Pimentel said...
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Fernando de Mello Pimentel said...

Dear Michael,

I really enjoyed your guest lecture for the Brand Management class taught by Professor John Roberts at The Australian School of Business.
Your insights and experience sharing provided all participants with good "food for thought" for successful Brand building.
I have a particular interest in moving to the Brand Consulting realm.
I would really like to get some advice in order to be successful in this field.
Fernando Pimentel